We Are All Patients

Rosato shines a light on her raw personal experience of maintaining role of ‘doctor’ and ‘patient’ through vivid and incredibly interesting exam room stories and thoughtful reflection. The aches she describes are felt entirely – from struggling patients to her own, internal struggle to stand up for the greater good. Although you’ll not see it printed in the pages, you can hear Rosato reaching over and reminding you that we are all just trying to survive amidst the chaos.

—C. Cimmone, author of When I Was Alive and Torn Up

We Are All Patients is an inside look at a doctor’s experience with patient care and how we treat each other in (and outside of) health care. Rosato is equal parts funny, endearing, and insightful, and will challenge the reader to think about doctors differently, a task more important now than ever before. The pieces in this collection compound on each other, creating a body of work that opens your eyes in brand new ways.

—Melissa Boles, author of We Love in Small Moments

We Are All Patients is a must-read for doctors and patients alike. Written with humor and humility, these essays offer a not-so-glamorous inside glimpse into the life of a primary care physician dedicated to treating an underserved population and a sympathetic portrayal of the people who come to her with their concerns. What makes this chapbook special is its recognition that in the end we are not just authorities and the afflicted but
equals in the vulnerability that comes of our shared mortality.”

—Lee Zacharias, author of The Only Sounds We Make and Across the Great Lake

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We Are All Patients is a book of stories from Melissa’s first 2 years as a physician in a West Philadelphia family practice.

96 pages in a 6″x9″ paperback with a gloss cover finish.

ISBN: 9781034681328