Shelbey Leco

Human beings are a social species that relies on cooperation in order to survive. Human connection is a very deep-rooted bond that is formed between each other when they feel seen and valued. I chose to create a puffin in my piece because for most of the year it spends its life in solitary at sea. Once a year, the puffin’s beak turns a beautiful orange-yellow hue in order to find its life partner. 

          I intentionally placed the puffin on the rock so that it would be seen among all of the other puffins. Additionally, I extended its neck with bright geometric shapes and colors so that it would further stand out. 

          My work is an examination of the measures one takes to achieve that deep-rooted human connection we all want so badly. That one would alter their appearances, environments, and behaviors just to achieve that. 

Can You See Me?

Shelbey Leco was born in Marrero, Louisiana. She was raised in the Barataria between the swampy marshes of the Southeast Gulf coast and the Greater New Orleans area. She was a curious child, who always immersed herself within nature. At ten years old, she was diagnosed with epilepsy. The stress of the world suddenly became very confusing to her, so in order to cope she created her own. Visual art and creative writing became her outlet. One of her goals in life was to seek out others who felt lost and confused by the world as she did. So, she became an educator and tried to offer arts as an outlet. Now, she works as a nanny for three children in Seattle, Washington. She is trying to pursue her art.

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