Peter Dietrich

As life came tumbling from the hills,
With silence all but banished,
The world indulged in secret thrills
While modesty had vanished:
Bare creatures walked,
Dark shadows stalked,
Foundations paved the way,
The tribal race
Picked up its pace,
Dividing night and day;
Yet as the roots began to hold just as the bubble burst,
The sky became the mirror for each wild unquenchable thirst.

As life set off to take a walk,
With bare feet still quite normal,
The first clans met and tried to talk,
Before the laws grew formal;
Children were born,
Lovers not forlorn,
Old neighbours staked their claim,
Secrets were sought,
Colours duly bought,
And nobody was to blame;
Yet as the march picked up its pace just as they neared their goal,
The landscape laid out endless trails to deceive the hapless soul.

As life began to hold a view,
With words sprung from the light,
The world sat up then split in two,
None wishing to be right;
Meetings were held,
Old fears dispelled,
New rules were strictly planted,
Coy votes were cast,
Fair laws soon passed,
Great anthems then duly chanted;
Yet as the views churned up the lost just as the young were ageing,
The empty halls spoke tragically through the drama they’d been staging.

As life shrugged off the clinging dream,
With visions disappearing,
The world released a primal scream,
Noise captured as soul-searing;
Stories were told,
Sagas unrolled,
Immoralists came out fighting,
Plotlines were drawn,
Characters outworn,
Lone authors struck by lightning;
Yet as the webs captured soft prey just as the dream unfolded,
The restless audience arose and with one voice harshly scolded.

As life forsook its solemn vows,
With silent fascination,
The world spoke up as truth allows,
Defying desperation;
False pacts were shed,
Enemies quickly wed,
Allies ruthlessly ripped apart,
New arms were made,
Old feuds repaid,
Arrows straight to the heart;
Yet as the promise broke its wings just as the stars were falling,
The survivors gathered defiantly with a brand new life now calling.

Peter Dietrich is originally from the UK, and after travelling the world non-stop for over 40 years as freelance reporter/film-maker, writing non-stop all the way in various forms, he feels it a good moment to pause and try to see some of my more personal writings read and published.

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