Fight Me

Jeffrey Hermann

Navies can ride an ocean 

avoiding detection 

then surprise everyone 

with calamity 

first thing in the morning 

Being a romantic 

I can tell you 

what the light looked like

Like it was poured 

from a cup Like some god 

opened a window 

and another god

opened their eyes

eased themselves up 

on an elbow 

Now they’re making breakfast

Don’t be just meat and bone 

standing there 

like some Old Testament 

chump nobody listens to anymore 

Try to see with a million eyes 

and not one big one

After liberation liberators 

never want to speak 

to the liberated again

That’s normal

The vanquished know

there’s power enough 

to go around

Everyone just has to agree

to give up together

Jeffrey Hermann‘s poetry and prose has appeared in Feral, Palette Poetry, Pank Magazine, trampset, The Shore, and other publications. Though less publicized, he finds his work as a father and husband to be rewarding beyond measure.

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