Girl With a Pearl Hoop

Amuri Morris

My piece is an afrocentric reimagining of “Girl With a Pearl Earring” by Vermeer. I am greatly inspired by afro-futurism which reimagining the future through an afro-centric lens. My work does this but instead looks reflectively at the past. The juxtaposition of the garb and the afro aesthetic creates a reimagined space where a black woman is able to be elevated to this level of aristocratic representation. This is an alternative history that also thinks reflectively about displacement and the biases of actual history.

Amuri Morris is an artist based in Richmond, Va. They recently graduated from painting/ printmaking and business at Virginia Commonwealth University. Prior to this, they studied art at the Center for the Arts at Henrico High School. Throughout the years they have acquired several artistic accolades. They aim to promote diversity in art canon, specifically focusing on the black experience. You can find them on instagram .

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