I Am Booming

Suzanne Richardson

Boom! born early           the wind inside the gem

of my body                              could not wait, I was already an instrument.

I cherish being played                                   even when pain strikes chords on my

body      I am alive I am                      booming into this world.

If you are suspicious of beauty                         then                 be suspicious of me.

Because I am boom beautiful                           take up room lovely.

Scarred and used divine                              dream bloom burst pretty.

I am love ribboning into you               color smash blast into you.

I am broken from booming,                          so I celebrate the break.

I am starlight in window                clarity in the pane/pain.

Ascension bells ringing                               so I fly boomful in this life.

Lift a veil and let my senses lead                boom! The blast of salt joy thunder

taking me into the sky.                 Twinkle and questfilled explode towards

the light                             still surprised by love. Still surprised                 by touch.

A child of tenderness                      boom beats my 8-bit bass-filled heart!

I am singing from all places inside of me.                            Happy music touches every

organ, spiral bass body booms,                     my boom blood runs in brave veins.

I am booming from this life to the next.                                  I boomed it.                 I boom.

Suzanne Richardson earned her M.F.A. in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the University of New Mexico. She currently lives in Binghamton, New York where she’s a Ph.D. student in creative writing at SUNY Binghamton. She is working on a memoir, Throw it Up and a full poetry collection, The Want Monster. She is the writer of Three Things @nocontactmag and more about Suzanne and her writing can be found here: https://www-suzannerichardsonwrites.tumblr.com/ and here: @oozannesay

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