Variant Literature’s 1st Annual Pizza Prize

Letter From Guest Editor Aram Mrjoian


Miriam Gershow: Lines of Communication

Kiran Jordan Sebastian Bonner: The Crab Scenario and Route

Lillian Wang Selonick: Handprint


Mitchell Nobis: Together, A Way

Katherine Gaffney: Likewise, Here

Emily Moon: At McMenamins on Hawthorne

Keagan Wheat: Aubade at T Jins: Night 3 and Aubade Already Gone

Thank you to everyone who supported this project from excitement on Twitter, to those that shared their work, to our team who jumped in to make this happen. Lastly, a huge thank you to Aram Mrjoian whose love of pizza, writing, and the literary community inspired this project and whose involvement—from idea to finished product—has been invaluable. We recommend enjoying this issue over a slice.

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