Even Indigo by Barbara Alfaro
Self-Sabotage by Kirstie Brown
Charm, Offensive by Adam Burgess
The Yoke by Daisy Bassen
because poetry is a woman to wear my lover’s skin by Martins Deep
Decoys by Frank William Finney
Nightmare as Reincarnation by Jessica Kim
Prague by Colin Lubner
Zahra by Laia Sales Merino
Downstream by E. Samples
This Is No Invocation by Ashley Sapp
Involuntary Silence by Anindita Sengupta The Timeline Where I Didn’t Become Robin Hood by Candria Slamin
On Sex Beside Our Sleeping Friends by Sophie Furlong Tighe
DUENDE by Alla Vilnyansky


Haunted by Shanna Merceron
21 Questions by Nick Olson
All Parties in Hell by Tara Thiel


Bristle Worms by Aiden Baker
You Got It Made. No Sweat. by Ryan Masters
The Garden by Zach Murphy
Ants in the Rain by Anna Schaeffer
In The Beginning by Kyle Tinga


Ishmael and Jason by Ethan Lee

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