Concerning the Moon by Adam Schechter
Shadowbox by McCaela Prentice
The Encounter by Marie Peebles
I Have This Dream by Joseph Hardy
life lessons, as taught by snails by Caitlin MacLeod
Model Answer (Mathematics) by David Harrison Horton
Listen, Fable-Writers by Hibah Shabkhez
If you ever find pictures of me under the bed of your new lover by Kimberly Wolf
Strawberry in pandemics by Amanda Hartzell
little sister by Nadine Mackell
Nothing feels quite like your grip & other shared memories by Selena Cotte
(Trauma Chasm) by Kate Sweeney
Infinity Ballot by Abigail Minor


Of Rupture and its Fruit by Anna Oberg


Sweet and Sour by Jessica Evans
The Whore of Villisca by Samantha Crane
The Bird on the Plateau by Eva Eliav
Progression of Good People by Sophia Zhao
Windows by Alexandra Wagman
The Target by Chris Belden
Love and Desperation by Elise Good
Eyes by Juliana Johnson
Summer Nights by Linh Tran


The Anna Pierrepont Series by Howard Skrill

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