Seppuku by Mandira Pattnaik
Paternal Confessions of Luxiander Lev by Asher Noel
The Future by Dmitry Blizniuk
remember that you loved me then by Whitney Hansen
Imitation Game by Sarah Marquez
Watching Jordan’s Fall by Allison Whittenberg
As I Tell Siri I want to die since Puerto Rico is dying by Nicole Arocho Hernández
Sanctum by Jesse Weaver
She craved the sound of glass shatter by Megan Nichols
When depression ebbs by Megan Nichols
You Ask by Laine Derr
Madhouse by Jonathan Focht
Old Meditations on Lumpia by Jarrett Ziemer
The Shepherd, Life by S. T. Brant


The Five Senses by Stephanie Parent


A Recipe for Scrambled Eggs by Irina Talty
The Mona by Michelle Munoz
Dancing in the Dirt by Andrew Hall
Unicorn by Penny Milam
Choice by Allison Whittenberg
Thumb Stump by Brittany Micka-Foos


Pierced Wounds by Ishaq Adekunle 

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