The Media Promises by Radoslav Rochallyi
EX CATHEDRA: an ars poetica in one act by Callan Foster
Reflux by Mickie Kennedy
Drip by Mackenzie Moore
Silences of a Summer Morn by Ron Tobey
Sometimes You Have to Lose to Win by Anne Marie Wells
Make a Wish, Darling by Anna Marie Wells
One the ego’s ability to bruise itself by Sally Runions
How she wakes up by D.S. Maolalai
Little Spangles of Light by Aura Martin
Button the Flower by Aura Martin
Belt Bristling with Horse-Pistols by Aura Martin
Beyond Eye-Shot of the Village by Aura Martin The Torn Moon by Aura Martin
The End, Yours Truly by Aura Martin


The Knife by Jay Parr
Screw That: A Guide to Heart Surgery by Erin Brody
Coos River Rising by Suzan Andrist
Cusco by Kristina Stocks


Wasteland by Melissa Feinman
Jericho by Joshua Allen
207 by Claire Zajdel
The Best Medicine by Kayla Aldrich


Stalled Flight by Bailey Pitzer


The Uber Gig by Anthony Afairo Nze
Nightingale and Rose by Erin Kathleen Bahl

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