Lawrence Bridges

          I am a forager. Forager of poetic observations you might say, but that sounds a bit pretentious. Let’s just go with FORAGER. I forage for CHANGE, seeking Ovid, the greatest of all unmaskers of form and spirit. I seek mischievously and often. In my work, I employ the deliberate use of shock while attempting to reveal the truth in human behavior. Photographic truth is poetic and poetic truth is justice. There is no fake truth at the end of a pencil or lens. We suffer therefore we love and we protect one another. This is the burden of self-consciousness. My photographs attempt to unmask thoughts and images that change in front of me at high speed. I despair only when I cannot capture and before the moment disappears, but this often results in another photo, strange and rich as the mind’s movement through time.

Hot Tub Drain, San Ysidro Ranch, Montecito, CA

Lawrence Bridges is best known for work in the film and literary world. His poetry has appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, and The Tampa Review. He has published three volumes of poetry: Horses on Drums, Flip Days, and Brownwood. As a filmmaker, he created a series of literary documentaries for the NEA’s “Big Read” initiative, which include profiles of Ray Bradbury, Amy Tan, Tobias Wolff, and Cynthia Ozick.

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