Mother Dreams in Half-light

Mihir Bellamkonda

O child I was sweetbad,
something for the nerves,

dusks to gorge on, nights
sticky as honey and rice,

catear pink, warm then hot,
then hotter, moon shining

on moonshine, I was a clean penny
in the fountain for a dip, then running,

cheap pearls broken, bouncing fatly
with a twitchy rhythm, a little gleam

I never picked up, I loved losing
because the city hydrants kept

my hands full, the fires right
where we wanted them, I was starlings

abruptly, then a half grin, half full
of reposado and burger drips,

bluntsmoke, blushing, baby’s breath
corsages, disallowed rooftops, analemma eyes,

I was kisses, sour candy, the good kind
they don’t have anymore—



Mihir Bellamkonda is a poet based in DC, currently working on their debut collection. They hold a BA from Duke University and enjoy rescuing worms from the sidewalk after storms. Their work is forthcoming in The West Trade Review, The Offing, and Black Fox Literary Magazine, among other journals. They can be found on Twitter @MihirWords.

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