Oh, Albert

Jeffrey Hermann

my darling 

My brilliant 

Sugar bear

I can’t believe 

the things 

you come up with

I can’t say 

I follow 

to be honest

You can bend time

and space

is maybe endless



At a certain point

I don’t want to spread out so much

I’d like everything 

to fit in one medium-sized suitcase

A reasonable garden

you can wander and water

in 10 minutes of time 

Rest that funny 

little head of yours 


Tell me something


Something that blew you up

into the sky 

and tore you to pieces

It always takes my mind 

off my troubles

It always brings 

me some peace

the particular way 

you weep

for all humanity

Jeffrey Hermann‘s poetry and prose has appeared in Feral, Palette Poetry, Pank Magazine, trampset, The Shore, and other publications. Though less publicized, he finds his work as a father and husband to be rewarding beyond measure.

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