Our Globe, A Woman Scorned

Binx Perino

Spring clovers consume a Bud Light and a pack of Camel. We’ve decorated our streets in Denton

with discarded litter. In 2015, we banned fracking. Overturned by King Oil, they’re licking their

slick fingers. They vote to violate her, pump and bore her. Anything for campaign donors. Our

hay fever is methane pollution. It is no exaggeration that the skies over Oregon were orange in

2020. The San Francisco bridge blended in as California burned too. And in 2021: snow and

darkness buried Denton, our pots boiling water to keep us clean. The storm map described as a

Hot Pocket frozen in the middle. Meanwhile, in Revelation: a great earthquake, sun-black,

moon-blood, star-fall; winds stripping trees; shrinking mountains; drowning islands. Her fury

will grind down our commercial gods before we can stop ourselves.

Binx R Perino is a queer poet from Texas. A MFA candidate at Emerson College in Boston, their work can be found in 100 Word Stories, Mixed Magazine, Cold Mountain Review, GASHER, and elsewhere.

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