A Pocket of Genesis

“In only 29 poems, Ogunyemi is able to first mythologise grief, but then draw the reader into his delicately constructed world of loss. To find, as he describes, the ‘hymn’ in every wound requires careful navigation of what is simultaneously personal, yet shared between us. With an agile ease, Ogunyemi masterfully accomplishes this task to an incredible degree in this chapbook. A Pocket of Genesis carries a challenging yet somber rhythm within it that seizes the reader’s attention in the truest sense. And heralds a talent that brings a different perspective on life, and living, through a kaleidoscopic study in melancholy.”

— Fiyinfoluwa Oladipo, “the better craftsman.”

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A Pocket of Genesis concerns the dream of possibility in a time of dryness, and so tilts toward faith.

42 pages in a 6″x9″ matte paperback.