Glass Essays

A child’s love, a soldier’s duty, the alienating norms by which we live our lives — J. A. Bernstein writes about many things, but always with same clarity and care that we need to move through and understand this world.

—Stephan Eirik Clark, author of Sweetness #9

This collection masterfully captures the mind of a writer at work on the materials of a life, deeply felt from within while simultaneously witnessed from the cool infinitude of time beyond the self. Clear and sharp as shards of glass, these essays cut to the glistening quick of life and love and death on Earth in the 21st Century.

—Jayson Iwen, author of Roze & Blud

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Glass Essays juxtapose the miracles of parenting and birth with the mysteries of death and armed conflict.

42 pages in a 5″x8″ paperback.