How To Start A Coven

How to Start a Coven is mesmerizing! Deirdre Danklin’s ability to write with both precision and whimsy is nothing short of miraculous. I devoured this collection!

—Hannah Grieco

Perceptive, moving and very funny, How to Start a Coven crosses time spans and lives: a pair of Galapagos tortoises living in peace centuries ago morph into a married couple trying to find the best toilet seat in Home Depot. A contemporary and striking bildungsroman for our times, Danklin’s flash fiction chapbook combines the earnest and the surreal in the best ways to address the urgent question of how we should live now. Danklin’s answer is to re-imagine life with creativity and humor: and, maybe, start a coven with your friends.

—Honni van Riskswikj

You can read this sparkling, aching fever dream in a single gulp, but Deirdre Danklin’s men made out of moths, tattoos that come to tea and lichen babies will continue to haunt you. This is the work of a fearless writer whose fear and worry is stitched into every image, who soothes with dark humour and startles with the sharp, unexpected blade of grief.

—Andrea Curtis

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How to Start a Coven is a flash fiction collection on transforming the quiet moments of life into magical, off-kilter experiences.

48 pages in a perfectbound 5″x8″ matte cover with a vellum jacket.

ISBN: 978-1-955602-08-2