Living Monsters/Damaged Ghosts

Cori Lohstroh’s Living Monsters/Damaged Ghosts transcends the mortal realm’s understanding of the corporeal and the spiritual. Ending the first poem with the solitary line “with us” paves the way for a series of poems that tackle what is with us in life (and death)—what we carry, what haunts us, what separates us from the inhuman, our connection(s) to the planet and its environment(s). In “Kiss as a Cohort,” Lohstroh writes that “love is a wider story of desire,” and if this is the case, then this chapbook is an innate love letter to humanity.

—Preston Smith, author of RED ROVER, RED LOVER

These poems gently beckon us into territory that we should spend more time in: a place of considering humanity’s relationship to the Earth. But don’t be fooled by the beauty and softness of Lohstroh’s language. This is an urgent call.

—Kalyn RoseAnne Livernois, author of High Wire Darlings

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Living Monsters/Damaged Ghosts is a collection of poems about the relationships between humans and their surrounding ecologies. It is a love letter to the complex and fragile symbiosis between all living creatures and a call to bear witness to the violence of modernity.

27 pages in a perfectbound 5″x5″ soft matte cover.

ISBN: 978-1-955602-02-0