The History of Mountains

In The History of Mountains, Danielle Rose takes us to the peak of humanity, nods at the familiar 30,000 foot drop, and gently asks, “What are you so afraid of?”

—Lannie Stabile, author of Good Morning to Everyone Except Men Who Name Their Dogs Zeus

The History of Mountains was an adventure that I didn’t want to end.

—Shawn Berman, Editor of The Daily Drunk and author of At the Movies

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The History of Mountains is a story of great heights and how to fall from them. Through sharp and evocative language, Danielle Rose takes the reader on a series of distant journeys while remaining always on-the-cusp of new beginnings. Asking “Why do men do these extraordinarily dangerous things that they do?” And being left with no clear answer. This is a book that compels meandering, that aimlessness in the moment before chaos. But beware: If you miss the signs, the avalanche will bury you, too.

35 pages in a perfectbound 5″x5″ embossed matte cover.

ISBN: 9781955602006