Paul Rousseau

I was blasted with

gamma rays once in the form

of a bullet, by freak

accident, it hit my head and now 

there’s a little green monster inside 

who’s always angry, did you know

steam is just a hot liquid 

trying its best to heat the rest 

of the room, for survival’s sake

it wears itself out, textbook

futility, my Hulk, like steam

just wants everyone to know 

what’s going on with 

his puny brain

Paul Rousseau is a disabled writer from Minnesota. His work has appeared in or is coming soon from Roxane Gay’s The Audacity, Catapult, X-R-A-Y, Okay Donkey, Wigleaf, Rejection Letters, Daily Drunk, JMWW, Hippocampus, Waxwing, Bending Genres, and Jellyfish Review. You can Follow him on Twitter @Paulwrites7.

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