Adesiyan Oluwapelumi

I awaken in a dream,
Worms depositing excreta
Into an orifice
At the back of my head.
This is a familiar road
Where boys like me
Strut to the edge of a cliff
To find flight
In falling.
Half a pill to sob
The clouds in my head.
We keep playing like bad music
From a bad opera;
Yet we keep playing anyways.
The night seizures like a wet cat.
It’s mid-summer
& I am still cold as a tongue.
I touch the leaves
Of a maple tree
& it shatters like glass.
I am wading through the ocean
Because drowning is the farthest
Distance I can get close enough to you,
Your face glistening in bubbles
At the rim of every last breath.
What life succeeds this misery?
What life precedes this misery?
The nightmare begins
When a hand unearths
The wounds buried
Beneath these memorabilia of scars.
This is a familiar tunnel
Where boys like me
Seek light
At the bottom of a liquor bottle
In a dimly lit bar.
Half a pill to
Burn the rot.
The world is sweltering away
Into a fir twig.
Dawn breaks
Like the yoke of an egg.

Adesiyan Oluwapelumi, TPC XI,is a poet/essayist from Nigeria. He was the winner of the Cheshire White Ribbon Day Creative Contest (2022) and the 1st runner up in the Fidelis Okoro Prize for Poetry (2023). His works are published in Poet Lore, Tab Journal, Poetry Wales, Brittle Paper and elsewhere. He tweets @ademindpoems

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