The Dead

Kathleen Wedl

Someone said writing could be like dragging a dead dog
which makes me think of a former boss whose malapropism
in the midst of a dead boring meeting was a moment of delicious
delight—delight that could have been so much sweeter had I met
the eyes of one other person who’d gotten the joke but they
were all zoned or stoned or wishing to be stoned or run through
with a six-inch stiletto so now as I sit alone at my desk I laugh
out loud remembering that young punk rant that we were killing
his numbers by keeping patients in hospital too long and how he hated
to flog it with a dead horse. I don’t advocate cruelty to animals but
horses die and whether one flogs a dead horse or uses a dead horse
to flog a dead argument, the horse is none the worse for it. I have
a house full of horses including a live Sagittarius husband
whose yearly physical report includes a new limited warranty.
We tried to refuse it, to get a better offer but we’re stuck with it.
It’s cold now but he blankets himself and saunters the neighborhood
sometimes only making it to the dead end before turning home.

Kathleen Wedl is a life-long Minnesotan. During and since her 50 years as a nurse specializing in behavioral health, her writing has help bridge a gap in understanding herself and her world. Kathleen’s poetry has been recognized in contests and journals. When not reading, writing, and enjoying nature, you may find her studying the pairings of good food and music, especially in the company of family and friends. Her debut poetry collection, Ordinary Time, will be released in April 2023 by Kelsay Books.

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