The First Time I Googled Packing I Got Images of Suitcases Because I Thought Siri Would Call Me a Slur for Typing “Trans”

SG Huerta

I do not know where I end
and dysphoria begins if even

the two can – should – be
separated, if even what I have

qualifies, but here’s what I know:

an absence

                    where there should be

something, but I cannot
bear to spell it out for you,

not with words,


let me fill you with
my emptiness with

the nothing between my legs.
Pretend it is something.

SG Huerta is a Chicana poet from Dallas. They are pursuing their MFA at Texas State University and live in Texas with their cat Lorca. SG wrote the chapbook The Things We Bring with Us: Travel Poems (Headmistress Press, 2021). They are Porter House Review’s nonfiction editor and an assistant prose poetry editor for Pithead Chapel. Their work has appeared in perhappened mag, Kissing Dynamite, Lavender Review, and various other places. Find them at or on Twitter @sg_poetry.

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