The Map of A Myth VI

Kwong Kwok Wai

The Map of A Myth VI

Recently I have been experimenting with a new way to portray history. Adopting a metaphorical approach, I used ‘maps’ as a symbol of history, of the collective biography of the people in town. I have always liked studying atlas and drawing maps of some imaginary places since childhood. The contour lines and map symbols are fascinating. Maps take me on some sort of spiritual journey to the unknown.

            In “The Map of A Myth VI”, a topographical map on the Hong Kong-China ‘border area’ by the War Office of the British government in 1949 was used as reference. The bottom half of the painting is a back view of the upper part of a human body prostrating on the imaginary ground of the ‘border area’. The figure is intertwined and engulfed in the roadmap patterns of the surroundings. This is to depict an anticipative future filled with many possibilities.

Kwong Kwok Wai is a multi-disciplinary artist who focuses on oil painting and fiction writing. After learning the basics from art teachers, he developed his own artistic approach while serving in the journalistic field for 30 years. After witnessing and reporting the ups and downs of Hong Kong, he quitted his job as an Executive Producer in a TV news channel by the end of 2018 so that he could fully devote his time and attention to the pursuit of arts.

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