Tina Hudak

Cover & Centerfold of the artist’s book Summer Dreams

These two images from the artist’s book Summer Dreams are the introduction and backdrop for the implied emotive meaning.  Created in 2021, during the second year of COVID and the global & American political/environmental crises, I began to have a series of dreams where I could not escape from “vaguely familiar rooms,” going from one to another. The use of stock paper intimates the predicament of the “every wo/man.”  The experience of traversing this road is ubiquitous; not special or for the elite. Blue threads, dark paper fragments,  and broken (found object) pieces of mirror with the linear lines offer a sense of the futile and inescapable feelings reflected in these dreams and times. The blue ink lines mimic the threads as they lead the reader through this never-ending maze. With a small size book (4”x5½”), something to be held close to the body,  it is at once intimate and personal.

Summer Dreams: Cover

Summer Dreams: Centerfold

Tina Hudak grew up in a Pennsylvania steel town before moving to D.C. in 1975. Summer Dreams combines both her writing & artwork. The design is interactive so the reader may arrange the words to suit their mood. Her work is included in The Library of Congress and the Baltimore Museum of Art, among other places. Her recent publication, Friday Afternoons: Brief writings during a pandemic, pays tribute to her past and present.

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