Labyrinth of the Toilet

Ariel N. Banayan

After Amichai’s “Infinite Poem”

Within every toilet—
A labyrinth of pipes

And within that labyrinth—
An ocean

And within an ocean—
Filth between every molecule of water

And within every molecule of water—
A drowned Minotaur

And within that lost Minotaur—
A beating heart made of glass

And within the fragile heart—
The ocean once again

Ariel N. Banayan is an Iranian Jewish writer born and raised in Los Angeles. His writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Poetry Daily, the Foothill Journal, Guesthouse Lit, and elsewhere. He recently graduated from Chapman University’s dual MA/MFA degree program, where he now teaches classes on rhetoric and writing to first-year students.

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